Sometimes things just don't work out...which was the case for our scheduled artist this month. But no worries, your gallery director has a plan!

Dot and Dorrie, we realize that "T" stands for tired, but we need your help! You're our trusty gallery assistants, make some magic happen.

S.Dot Gallery is pleased to present "The Cat's Meow, Things We Love" by Dot and Dorrie

Errr....Or guess it's the Dot and Dorrie Gallery now.

A lucky talisman given to our director, she keeps it in her pocket quite a bit these days.

The gallery seems to be full of beautiful cat art!

Art by Kate Menke (left) and Barb Vogel (right)

A nicely shredded chair.

Art by Allison Buenger

Dorrie is chill in after all that hard work installing the exhibit.

ummm....looks like there are "restrooms" for all kinds of guests.

And who doesn't love a giant cardboard box bed?

We see that the office has been catified.

Art by Lisa McLymont (copper) Mary Barczak (framed) Helma Groot (plushies) and Dan Gerdeman (painting)

Dot was given her own room...She is more of a modern, sleek designer.

Sitting in the chair, watching the leaves fall and waiting for the snow is one of Dot's favorite pastimes.

She likes clean lines....

and abstract expression....

She also enjoys drinking out of the toilet. (sigh)

Ohhhh! Look at this room! Its full of cardboard boxes.....

clean laundry, suitcases....

and paper bags....all the best things to sit on of course!!

Dorrie's style tends to be more eclectic, whatever Dorrie likes, Dorrie uses.

Art by Roger Kent Grosswiler Jr.

Art by Ryan Orewiler

Dorrie likes shiny things and birds! (They taste good she says). Art by Carolyn Slebodnik (left) and Megan Fiscus (right)

Dorrie also loves her best buddy Dot and her home. Art by Linda Ayala (left) and Helma Groot

Besides chasing bottle caps (artist Chris Tennant) and feather toys, Dorrie loves Popcorn. (No really she does!)

And last but not least, it's Dorrie's favorite thing to knock off the mantel....which is a no-cat zone, of which she has yet to get the memo. Happy New Year, we look forward to sharing our exciting 2016 line-up with you! XOXO