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  • We are proud to present C.Sheidan's show "Camp" We think the night version is just gorgeous.

  • How the heck did she build this beautiful installation you ask? Luckily we were able to document her process for you!

  • Takes a steady hand!

  • Our artist this month really explored the meaning of the S.Dot Gallery.

  • C.Sheridan recalled the many dollhouses made of lincoln logs from her childhood.

  • She also used it as an opportunity to make something "larger than life" so to speak. She was able to dream big while living small

  • Although C.Sheridan has created quite a maze of paths in our gallery, we are enjoying the exhibit immensely.

  • The colors and paths the work creates reminds the gallery director of a recent visit to Dia:Beacon to see Richard Serra's work

  • Sit back, slow down, breathe and enjoy all the glorious views.

  • Gah! Its that cat Nico has been trying to get rid of! Maybe they should just be friends.

  • Nico loves it when we have chicken noodle soup for lunch. Probably won't need that Tylenol anytime soon with a desk that clean!

  • This space on the top floor is a great place to get away, have a glass of wine and have some campfire chats.

  • It defies gravity!


  • Here's some shots of the gallery during the day. The sun really pulls out the woods differences.

  • I really hope we don't have to use that fire extinguisher! If you see a fire marshall headed our way, distract them!

  • Thank You Cat Sheridan! We loved having you!